Participation Agreement

AIMPE (hereinafter "the competition") is a competition for artists who fit the participation requirements set forth by The Hall of Awa Japanese Handmade Paper. The competition has been created as an opportunity for using the medium of Japanese traditional washi paper for artistic expression via printmaking. The competition is expected to inspire viewers and artists alike, to cross over international borders, to foster unique cultural exchange, and to share in the excitement and joy of art on washi.


The competition is organized by The Hall of Awa Japanese Handmade Paper, a non-profit foundation and museum located at Yamakawa-cho 141, Yoshinogawa City, Tokushima Prefecture Japan. From herein after, this agreement shall refer to the exhibition organizer as '"Awagami".

2. Binding Agreement

In order to enter the competition, it is necessary to enter into this agreement that serves as a binding contract for participation. By submitting works herein, entrants are indicating they agree to all guidelines set forth within this agreement.

3.Participation Requirements

Only individuals who have applied to Awagami to participate are able to enter . It is required that entrants agree to participation in the exhibitions related promotional activities as outlined below in article 7. Employees and executives of Awagami, related companies and their families are eligible to submit works, but are not eligible to receive the Grand Prize, Runner-up Prize, or Excellence Prizes.

4.Competition Period

The competition will start with the competitions' March 2023 press release and end with the exhibitions' award ceremony in October 2023. Details shall be announced and regularly updated on the Awagami website (www.printshow.awagami/ herein after "the website").


By exhibiting works in the competition, entrants agree to the agreement listed on the website and are bound by the contents of the agreement. Refusal to abide by the agreement can result in disqualification from participation in the competition; in addition, entrants are to abide by the jurors final decisions. Awagami reserves the right to revoke the participation qualifications of entrants at its sole discretion in the event that: 1. competition, exhibition procedures and/or administration are manipulated in an unauthorized manner, or attempted to be done so, 2. the participation agreement or application guidelines are violated, 3. there is any violation of terms of service, requirements, general rules, or guidelines regarding Awagami assets or services, or 4. unfair methods, methods causing disturbance, actions intending to cause trouble, defamation, threats, or harm to other people.

6.Judging and Selection of Prize winners

All submitted works shall be judged by the panel of Jurors based on the following criteria: 1) artistic merit, 2) creativity, 3) expression of a theme, and 4) appropriateness of the work's explanation. The Jury is made up of experts designated by Awagami. The decisions of the Jury are final and binding.
In the unlikely event a winner is unable to accept their prize, Awagami (via the Jurors selection) has the right to award the prize to another entrant. Works that do not comply with this agreement are not eligible for prizes.

7.Promotional Activities

By participating in the competition, entrants give permission to Awagami to use, duplicate, edit, and make public the entered works for discretionary purposes (ie: press releases, media announcements, etc...) free of charge - artists will be given full credit in all such publicity. In addition, entrants agree that their artwork may be included in promotional activities or publicity activities related to the competition. In the event of becoming a prizewinner, entrants agree to allow their names and likenesses to be used in press conferences and events relating to the operation and promotion of the competition.

8.Privacy-related Information

By participating in this competition, entrants agree to provide personal information to Awagami as outlined in the exhibitions entree form. If Awagami is unable to collect necessary data, entrant may be disqualified from participation. All personal information gathered by Awagami in the course of the competition will only be used for the operation of the competition (and related purposes outlined in this agreement) and will be used in following with the Awagami Privacy Policy. Corresponding with Awagami in writing at the address listed above, gives Awagami the right to access, reconfirm, amend, and delete the personal data owned by Awagami.

9.General Conditions

By participating in this competition, entrants agree to this binding agreement, the application guidelines, and by Awagami's decisions. In the unlikely event a prizewinner declines the prize another prizewinner will be selected by the panel or Jurors. Prizewinners may be asked to submit additional information deemed necessary by Awagami in addition to a publicity release and liability release. Awagami accepts no responsibility for any misprints or errors in the printed call for submissions, announcement and/or other print and online text.

Entrants guarantee that the artwork is original, that they are the sole and exclusive owner and rights-holder of the submitted artwork, and that they have the right to submit the artwork to this competition. Each entrant agrees not to participate in the competition if: 1) it will infringe on anyone's exclusive rights, intellectual property rights, industrial property rights, personal rights, or other rights (including but not limited to copyright, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, or other duties of confidentiality), or 2) it would be in danger of violating any applicable laws around the world.

10.Limitations on Liability

Entrants agree to compensate Awagami for all liability, claims, demands, losses, expenses, and costs generated by entrants and the actions, nonperformance, or inactions, and/or violations by entrants of the guarantees outlined in this agreement, and to continue compensating Awagami to the fullest extent of the law. Awagami, its executives, employees, and transferees are exempt from responsibility for any accident or injury which is a result of an entrants participation in the competition, use of the prizes won or caused by receiving them, or any injury or damage claimed to be caused by them to the fullest extent of the law.

11.Third Parties

Awagami is not responsible for the policies, actions, or inactions of third parties that may hinder the entry, participation, and/or claiming of prizes by entrants.


Awagami is not responsible for any electronic transmission errors resulting in omissions, interruptions, deletions, losses, or delays in transmission or operation. Awagami is not responsible for any kind of technical, network, telephone system, electronic equipment, computer, hardware, or software dysfunction or limit resulting in theft, destruction, unauthorized access, or change to the competition kit. Awagami is not responsible for any kind of technical problems, traffic congestion, or any combination on the website resulting in inaccurate transmission or non-display of the competition kit. In the event that a computer virus, bug, tampering, unlawful intervention, foul play, technical malfunction, or other cause results in an inability to carry out the internet portion of the competition as planned, and/or if the operation management of the competition, security, fairness, integrity, or appropriateness of the implementation is hindered, or affected, Awagami reserves the right to, and has the sole discretion to cancel, end, change, or suspend the competition.


If any part of this agreement is judged to be invalid or unenforceable by law, the remainder of the agreement shall continue to remain valid in its entirety.

14.List of Prizewinners

The names of prizewinners will be listed on the website within one month of the competitions' end.

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