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Working together for 25 years with international artists

In 2013, Awagami Factory will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its inauguration. One major pillar of the Awagami Factory is its activities in promoting and illuminating the use of washi through its visiting artist program. A sculptor who once created their works with handmade washi at Awagami Factory expressed interest in our washi and introduced us to other artists throughout Japan. Art professors from Tokushima, Tokyo and other prefectures began to offer us assistance... and eventually a print expression exhibition using washi was born.
Since 2007, we have also been conducting an invitational exhibition in Tokyo as a forum for contemporary printmaking on washi…The most recent exhibition from 2012 may be seen here: http://printshow.awagami.jp/archive/index.html

Various events to enjoy washi and printmaking

Through these experiences, this mini print exhibition has been created in Yoshinogawa, Tokushima, said to be the birthplace of washi. Mini prints are a print expression with a nuance allowing artists to condense techniques and creativity. In this way, the exhibition organizers hope to encourage the participation of many artists and anticipate a rich exchange of creativity & technique through this international exhibition.

Hosting traveling exhibitions in Japan and overseas

Awagami Factory is hosting this exhibition not only to promote a Tokushima branded washi, but to also increase global understanding of Japanese culture and washi... This printmaking-on-washi exhibition can also show traditional washi craftspeople that their skills are still valued and appreciated by today's new artists. Futhermore, we also hope that this exhibition increases the overall popularity of printmaking and printmaking-on-washi as an art form with the ability to advance local culture.
This AIMPE mini print exhibition is an open-call to all artists and we aim to attract many printmakers from both near and far. There are plans to have a year-long touring exhibition of AIMPE both in Japan and abroad after the initial exhibition in Tokushima has finished.

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Exhibition 2013.10.12 (Sat.) - 2013.11.10 (Sun.)
Venue The Hall Awa Japanese Handmade Paper
Kawahigashi 141, Yamakawa-cho, Yoshinogawa City, Tokushima 779-3401
Entry Deadline 2013.7.30 (Tues.) (>>how to entry )
Host Awagami Factory (Mini Print Event Office)
Cooperation Yoshinogawa City Chamber of Commerce, Awa Handmade Paper Industrial Cooperative, Fuji Paper Mills Cooperative
Assistance Subsidized project for the Arts and Culture Promotion Fund 
Sponsors Shikoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry,Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries, Tokushima,Yoshinogawa City, Genki Yamakawa Network NPO, Tokushima Shimbun, Mainichi Newspaper Tokushima Branch, Asahi Newspaper Tokushima Directorate General, Shikoku Broadcasting, FM Tokushima, CableNet Oe, Japan Central Television, Japan Print Association, Tokushima Prints (In random order)



  • Chairman    Yoichi Fujimori (Director, Awagami Factory)
  • Member    Keisei Kobayashi (Printmaker)
  • Member    Mitsuru Hiraki (Printmaker)
  • Member    Hideki Kimura (Printmaker)
  • Member    Tadayasu Sakai (Director, Setagaya Art Museum)
  • Member    Toshio Takeuchi ( Senior Curator, Tokushima Modern Art Museum)
  • Member    Takashi Mitani (Chief, Cultural Department, Editorial Board, Tokushima Shimbun)
  • (names are listed in no particular order)
  • Advisor    Fumiaki Fukida (Printmaker)


  • AIMPE (Awagami International Miniature Print Exhibition) Office
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