Awagami International Miniature Exhibition


This year marks the 6th edition of the Awagami International Mini-Print Exhibition (AIMPE).

It seems like only recently that we were able to successfully hold the 2021exhibition despite the pandemic – where fortunately the number of entries grew. We were indeed able to mount a successful show while making some innovations in the jurying process and awards ceremony along the way.

For this year’s AIMP ’23, we received a total of 1,587 prints from over 1,000 artists and are pleased to also add our first international juror, Professor Tomas Vu of Columbia University, NY to serve on the judging panel. Although we started AIMPE with the intention of holding it just five times, the show’s continuous growth has humbled us; giving our staff motivation to carry on with AIMPE well into the future.

One requirement of AIMPE is that all works must be printed on Japanese washi paper. It is our hope that through this exhibition and its related events, we may introduce Awagami washi (and traditional Japanese washi culture in general) to a wider global community of artists.
We are very pleased to exhibit all 1,587 prints entered in this year’s show. With so many inspirational prints, we are certain to present visitors with a unique and far-reaching global survey of contemporary printmaking.

We look forward to welcoming many guests to AIMPE ’23 here in Tokushima and would once again, like to cordially thank each artist for your participation and support of traditional Japanese washi.

Yoichi Fujimori
President, Awagami Factory


Comments on the Judging  Keisei KOBAYASI

The Awagami International Miniprint Exhibition “AIMPE ‘23” is now in its 6th iteration. Despite the stipulation that prints need to be on washi paper, the number of entries from overseas exceeded those from Japan, which is surprising and most certainly a direct result of Awagami Factory’s continued efforts to promote washi internationally.

Now, on to the jurying:

In 2021, jurying was conducted online due to the pandemic, and I cannot deny feeling a bit of hesitation, but this year's jurying was a full-fledged affair with all seven jurors physically present to conduct the multi-round jurying process (incl. Professor Vu from Columbia University New York).
Of the nearly 1,600 entries, 240 were selected in the first round of jurying, then narrowed down to 64 prints in the second round and lastly 21 works were selected as prize winners (and 41 as honorary mentions). The jurying was very strict and focused, with all entries given fair and equal exposure to the jurying panel.

Recently due to globalism and the connected world we all live in, there is a “graying” of aesthetic borders with noticeably less difference in artworks from abroad vs. Japan. Perhaps I feel a touch of sentimentality towards the past when artworks more often reflected national sentiments and/or local aesthetics and characteristics. That being said however, the quality of the AIMPE works continues to improve and expand in both scope & technique, which is most exciting.

We are pleased to present Canadian artist, Ms. Vanessa Hall-Patch with the AIMPE ’23 Grand Prize for her print "Cabin Cutout – Farmland II”. Despite being the smallest image of all entries, the work makes full use of various printmaking techniques such as etching, silkscreen, and photoengraving. The print is not merely a landscape but is rich in poetic sentiment and nostalgia (perhaps due to the sensitivity cultivated in Canada's climate?).

The AIMPE ’23 Runner-up prize has been awarded to Mr. Yuichiro Ishibashi for his work entitled "Daybreak"; an enjoyable print that effectively uses spatial expression to evoke the impression of a much larger scaled work.

What was pleasing about this year's jurying was the fact that there was a healthy mix of both Intentional and Japanese artists reaching the very final stage of the jurying process and that the awards were selected without any prior knowledge of artists nationality. We are looking forward to future iterations of AIMPE where we hope to welcome even more artists from Japan and abroad to participate in such an impressive survey of contemporary printmaking.


Comments on the Judging  Tomas Vu

This year, I was honored to join the competition's jury panel for the 6th installment of the Awagami International Miniprint Exhibition (A.I.M.P.E.). With over 1,500 entries, seeing the breadth of techniques and diversity of approaches with this year's participating artists was wonderful. Despite the ongoing parameters of the competition, that prints must be made using A4-sized washi paper, no two works bore similarities. As the first international juror, joining the seven other esteemed panelists, it was also exciting to see the increasing number of entries from abroad. A.I.M.P.E. has become a global competition, interconnecting printmakers worldwide while still maintaining the throughline of Japanese craftsmanship and washi paper.
The geographical range of award winners reflected the diversity of contemporary printmaking perspectives, which included artists from Asia, the Americas, and Europe, and the first international Grand Prize winner, Vanessa Hall-Patch, from Canada. Hall-Patch's piece, Cabin Cutout - Farmland II, was a surprising entry. Compared to other submissions, the printed surface area was very small, approximately 2 x 4 inches within the A4 sheet. However, within this miniature area, the print packs a total vision. Truly remarkable and impeccably printed, the piece is laden with various techniques and displays outstanding detail. It was a refreshing entry, and the combination of digital print with etching and screenprint was a lovely mixture of new and traditional technology. Despite the strong competition, we ultimately awarded the prize to this work as it had the best of both worlds, pushing the boundaries of printmaking into the future.

The Runner-up Prize was given to Ishibashi Yuichiro's Day Break. This woodcut embodied the definition of flawless print application. The ink on the surface of the washi paper was breathtaking, especially with the exciting interplay between abstraction and representation. Close runners-up, all five Excellence Prize-winning prints displayed exquisite tactile qualities and the artists' masterful technical abilities. Of these, the three woodcuts by Muto Shogo, Lee Wonsuk, and Honda Masaya reveal the endless creative possibilities of a single method. Shogo and Wonsuk's prints presented an intriguing dialogue with abstraction, foregrounding the role of color as an essential component of composition. In contrast, Honda Masaya's woodcut going out weaves together a narrative, an intricately rendered figure tying a shoelace foregrounding the otherwise angular forms. The other two winners of this category, Agata Polina Perzy ska, and Uchikoba Eiko, represent the extensive possibilities of intaglio. Eiko's Strain One's Ears exemplifies this medium's wide range of tonalities, invoking a fantastic contrast of light and shadow. Breathe by Agata Paulina Perzy ska may initially seem unostentatious. Still, upon a closer look, it is a work of pure beauty, the linework making it one of the most subtle, delicate, and lovely prints we juried—a simple yet elegant piece.
As with the previous two competitions, we also considered digital prints as a new category for the three Awagami Factory Prizes. This is a vital category, as we find ever-increasing innovations within the craft. Nakayama Tomoko, Andres Felipe Orozco, and Agata Dworzk Subocz all successfully engaged with the technical aspect of technology while simultaneously embedding this theme within the subject matter itself, making for poignant works about our modern experience.

For my personal jury pick, I selected Okuyama Yoshiko's woodcut茫栗. It is not a work I would usually choose, but I loved the combination of humor with intense skillfulness. The two vignettes comprising this print, a solitary flamingo and a monkey amidst a plate of chestnuts, depict a great range of textures and wood grain. Furthermore, the reduction of the background to reveal only a subtle hint of wood grain was a detail that I found wonderfully unique to this print.

It was a pleasure to judge alongside Keisei Kobayashi, Mitsuru Hiraki, Hideki Kimura, Toshio Takeuchi, Takashi Harai, Kasai Hideaki, and Yoichi Fujimori, who are all experts in the field. Each panelist brought their expertise into the mix, and coming from the United States was an interesting process for me, as I have a slightly different perspective. Furthermore, as this was a new experience for me, it was a breath of fresh air as A.I.M.P.E. applies one of the most efficient and fairest judging methods I have taken part in. Initially, we only look at the images rather than the name of the work or who the artist is and where they are from. This initial round seeks to remove any bias associated with such external information. Once we completed the difficult task of narrowing down the entries, the work was assessed holistically, with the title and printmaking techniques revealed. This section of deliberation revealed many pleasant surprises. It must be emphasized that there was such a plethora of beautiful, highly technical, and innovative prints from around the world that even the honorable mention and semi-finalists, let alone the final prize-winners, were challenging to decide.


A.I.M.P.E '23 Walkthrough on YouTube

Gallrry Talk 10/7 on YouTube

  ■ Grand Prize : Vanessa Hall-Patch / カナダ / Canada

Title Cabin cutout - farmland II
Type of Ink Used 油性/Oil-based
Type of Print 銅版画/Etching、デジタル/Digital、screen printing
Technique プレス刷/Press、シルクスクリーン/Silkscreen、エッチング/Etching
Edition 1

  ■ Runner-up Prize : 石橋 佑一郎 (Ishibashi Yuichiro) / 日本 / Japan

Title day break
Type of Ink Used 水性/Water-based
Type of Print 木版画/Woodcut
Technique バレン刷/Baren
Edition 15
  ■ Excellence Prize : Agata Paulina Perzyńska / ポーランド / Poland
Title Breathe
Type of Ink Used 油性/Oil-based
Type of Print 銅版画/Etching
Technique エングレーヴィング/Engraving
Edition 13

  ■ Excellence Prize : 内木場 映子 (Uchikoba Eiko) / 日本 / Japan

Title 耳を澄ます / strain one's ears
Type of Ink Used 油性/Oil-based
Type of Print 紙版画
Technique プレス刷/Press、ドライポイント/Drypoint
Edition 110

  ■ Excellence Prize : 武藤 正悟 (Muto Shogo) / 日本 / Japan

Title monologue
Type of Ink Used 水性/Water-based、油性/Oil-based
Type of Print 木版画/Woodcut、銅版画/Etching
Technique バレン刷/Baren、プレス刷/Press、エッチング/Etching、ドライポイント/Drypoint
Edition 10
  ■ Excellence Prize : Lee Wonsuk / 韓国 / Korea
Title Nature_Gaze
Type of Ink Used 油性/Oil-based
Type of Print 木版画/Woodcut
Technique バレン刷/Baren、プレス刷/Press
Edition 10

  ■ Excellence Prize : 本田 将也 (Honda Masaya) / 日本 / Japan

Title going out
Type of Ink Used 水性/Water-based、油性/Oil-based
Type of Print 木版画/Woodcut
Technique バレン刷/Baren
Edition 10

  ■ Awagami Factory Prize : 中山 智子 (nakayama tomoko) / 日本 / Japan

Title AIガール / AI girl
Type of Ink Used 水性/Water-based
Type of Print デジタル/Digital
Technique AIアート(言葉と自前写真をプロンプトとして自動生成)
Edition 5

  ■ Awagami Factory Prize : Andres Felipe Orozco / コロンビア / Columbia

Title Bubble wrap
Type of Ink Used 水性/Water-based
Type of Print デジタル/Digital
Technique Archival digital print
Edition 10

  ■ Awagami Factory Prize : Agata Dworzak-Subocz / ポーランド / Poland

Title Space
Type of Ink Used 水性/Water-based
Type of Print デジタル/Digital
Technique digital print
Edition 10

  ■ Yoshinogawa City Mayoral Prize : 近藤 幸 (Kondo Miyuki) / 日本 / Japan

Title よるになって / night falls
Type of Ink Used 水性/Water-based
Type of Print 木版画/Woodcut
Technique バレン刷/Baren
Edition 30

  ■ Minoru Fujimori Prize : 告野 春恵 (Tsugeno Harue) / 日本 / Japan

Title 月に唄う / Noctune in moonlight
Type of Ink Used 水性/Water-based
Type of Print 木版画/Woodcut
Technique バレン刷/Baren
Edition 110

  ■ Yoichi Fujimori Jurors' Prize : Anne-Marie du Boucher / フランス / France

Title Le D jeuner
Type of Ink Used 水性/Water-based、油性/Oil-based
Type of Print Linocut print
Technique バレン刷/Baren、エングレーヴィング/Engraving、Blind embossig
Edition 1

  ■ Keisei Kobayashi Jurors' Priz : Sharon Lee / イギリス / U.K

Title 34 spirals
Type of Ink Used 油性/Oil-based
Type of Print 孔版/Lithograph、Lithograph Blind emboss (relief), typewriter
Technique Stone、リトグラフ/Lithograph、石版/Stone lithograph、Blind emboss (relief), typewriter
Edition 5
  ■ トーマス ヴー賞 Jurors' Priz : 奥山 佳子 (Okuyama Yoshiko) / 日本 / Japan
Title 茫栗
Type of Ink Used 水性/Water-based
Type of Print 木版画/Woodcut
Technique バレン刷/Baren
Edition 2
  ■ Mitsuru Hiraki Jurors' Prize : 谷黒 佐和子 (Tanikuro Sawako) / 日本 / Japan
Title でぃらぼっち集う / Daidarabotchi coming.
Type of Ink Used 油性/Oil-based
Type of Print 木版画/Woodcut
Technique バレン刷/Baren
Edition 3

  ■ Hideki Kimura Jurors' Prize : 宮本 承司 (Miyamoto Shoji) / 日本 / Japan

Title めねぎ / Menegi
Type of Ink Used 水性/Water-based
Type of Print 木版画/Woodcut
Technique バレン刷/Baren
Edition 8
  ■ The Tokushima Modern Art Museum Jurors' Prize : 森田 はぐみ (Morita Hagumi) / 日本 / Japan
Title 葉の想い出 / Memories of the leaves
Type of Ink Used 水性/Water-based
Type of Print デジタル/Digital
Technique 紙版画/北方コラージュ/Type of Ink Usedジェットプリント
Edition 13

  ■ Tokushima Newspaper Jurors' Prize : みいだ さかえ (Miida Sakae) / 日本 / Japan

Title 芯 Ⅴ
Type of Ink Used 水性/Water-based
Type of Print 木版画/Woodcut
Technique バレン刷/Baren
Edition 10
  ■ Cranfield ink Prize : Yuji n/a Hiratsuka / 日本 / Japan
Title Creatures of Land, Sea and Sky
Type of Ink Used 水性/Water-based
Type of Print 銅版画/Etching
Technique エッチング/Etching、Chine Colle
Edition 15

  ■ Pressing Matters Prize : Lauren Drescher / アメリカ / United States

タイトル Reach
Type of Ink Used 水性/Water-based
Type of Print 銅版画/Etching、tetrapack drypoint etching
Technique ドライポイント/Drypoint
Edition 11
Artist Nationality Title
MAREK MAJEWSKI フランス / France Mitama Matsuri
児玉 太一 (Kodama Taichi) 日本 / Japan After Image_23_01 / After Image_23_01
Natia Ser 香港 / Hong Kong How long will you stay?
Susan Henderson アメリカ / United States Garden Queen
山下 美幸 (Yamashita Miyuki) 日本 / Japan 兆す / show signs
小倉 咲枝 (Ogura Sakie) 日本 / Japan 洋なしと外国のかおり / Pears and Foreign Scents
武田 史子 (Takeda Fumiko) 日本 / Japan Rain Bottle / Rain Bottle
Jaco Putker オランダ / Netherlands The Blocks of War No.1
Yael Saranga イスラエル / Israel Maze of Mirrors
野津 絵里子 (Notsu Eriko) 日本 / Japan まぁちゃんのお菓子工場
Ian Batterham オーストラリア / Australia Camelia
落田 克二 (Ochida Katsuji) 日本 / Japan 夏の夢 / SummerDream
FERN‘ ROLLINGER ルクセンブルク / Luxembourg 250-323
Chrysi Bezirgiannidou ギリシャ / Greece safety above all
加賀 百里 (Kaga Yuri) 日本 / Japan 幻現 / Midnight Phantasmagoria
Kevin J Black アメリカ / United States A New Dawn Kallitype
たけだ りょう (Takeda Ryo) 日本 / Japan sun hat #2 / sun hat #2
松井 康子 ( atsui Yasuko) 日本 / Japan 花の雨
木下 好江 (Kinoshita Yoshie ) 日本 / Japan 森はすでに暗く空はまだ青い
篠田 亜希子 (Shinoda Akiko) 日本 / Japan mubi #4 / muni #4
瀧本 友里子 (Takimoto Yuriko) 日本 / Japan Denature / Denature
みいだ さかえ (Miida Sakae) 日本 / Japan 憧憬 Ⅱ
山田 琢矢 (Yamada Takuya) 日本 / Japan 微睡 / groggy slumber
高慶 敬子 (Koukei Keiko) 日本 / Japan 机上の風景 / Scenery on the desk
鈴木 知子 (Suzuki Tomoko ) 日本 / Japan 仰ぐ / seek
Ramon Corretje Nicolau スペイン / Spain EL MORTITXOL (dansa)
Corn Quartel オランダ / Netherlands RESONANCE 6
Nadine Caplunik スイス / Switzerland Genderless
田代 ゆかり (Tashiro Yukari) 日本 / Japan 明日から仕事 / work from tomorrow
四方田 貴子 (Yomoda Takako) 日本 / Japan Living Room / Living Room
森吉 由衣 (Moriyoshi Yui) 日本 / Japan I might be a robot.
粕谷 海斗 (Kasuya Kaito) 日本 / Japan 道化師の少年 / clown boy
姫井 美貴子 (Himei Mikiko) 日本 / Japan カイコガ / silkworm
吉田 秀司 (Yoshida Hideshi) 日本 / Japan 列柱の影に潜む者 / The one who is behind the colonnade
板倉 瑠果 (Itakura Ruka) 日本 / Japan 満 / satisfaction
三浦 美保 (Miura Miho) 日本 / Japan 小泉八雲 井戸のはなし / The story of the well (Yakumo Koizumi)
鈴木 良治 (Suzuki Ryoji) 日本 / Japan 髭 1 / beardart
黒田 智恵 (Kuroda Chie) 日本 / Japan dominate / dominate
中井 絵津子 (Nakai Etsuko) 日本 / Japan 帰っておいで / Come home
西山 瑠依 (Nishiyama Rui) 日本 / Japan 溢れるものへと響く / leading to the spirits
岡田 育美 (Okada Ikumi) 日本 / Japan 対岸の夜ーcalmー / Night on the Opposite Shoreーcalmー
徳永 雄圭 (Tokunaga Yukei) 日本 / Japan homesickness / homesickness
伊藤 朝子 (Ito Asako) 日本 / Japan Pink / Pink


Artist Nationality Title
Isabelle Denneulin フランス / France Lighthouse in a storm
香焼 知佳 (Kotaki Chika) 日本 / Japan tower / tower
Cleo wilkinson オーストラリア / Australia Then VI
Asako Ridgen 日本 / Japan Selfish & Chips
Mafalda Tenente スイス / Switzerland 兼六園、冬の日暮れ | Kenrokuen Winter Sunset
矢代 洋子 (Yashiro Yoko) 日本 / Japan ドクダミ / dokudami
服部 奈々子 (Hattori Nanako) 日本 / Japan 道 / Road
一条 美由紀 (Ichijo Miyuki) 日本 / Japan 今日もスーパーへ / Go to the supermarket again today
Ron Colbroth アメリカ / United States Balancing Act
高尾 ふき子 (Takao Fukiko) 日本 / Japan 母さん、あのね / With mon
Ioulia - Akhmadeeva メキシコ / Mexico Embroidered memories
Hyejeong Kwon 韓国 / Korea Monologue2
Ezekiel Wong Kel Win シンガポール / Singapore ABRACADABRA
Mellon Thomas Mellon アメリカ / United States Pen and Radio Waves
木村 桃子 (KIMURA MOMOKO) 日本 / Japan moon light up / moon light up
Lee Anne Bratt オーストラリア / Australia Carbon Capture
Janet Anne Hughes ニュージーランド / New Zealand Akimbo
Velma Bolyard アメリカ / United States Ecotone 1
Eugenie L Berg アメリカ / United States Totem - Open Square
Mirna Kovac オーストリア / Austria Walk the line
Amye Beatrice St John カナダ / Canada Reflection
中村 待子 (Nakamura Machiko ) 日本 / Japan 森の記憶 / mementos in the forest
芝田 美恵子 (Shibata Mieko) 日本 / Japan Summer Sky / Summer Sky
井上 喜雄 (Inoue Yoshio) 日本 / Japan First Position, 点前 / First Position, Temae
野崎 佑香 (Nozaki Yuka) 日本 / Japan 一角
Sonia Roseval カナダ / Canada nature and cells 1
Sara Bassompierre フランス / France Eyes & Marble
Soon-Lee Spicer ニュージーランド / New Zealand Lichen
Emily Jackson イギリス / U.K. Squillo
Kerri McEvoy アイルランド / Ireland GAL (P55)
Alan McFetridge ニュージーランド / New Zealand Mr.
ANN ETCHELLS オーストラリア / Australia 'Tilly & Alfie'
西田 陽子 (NISHIDA YOKO) 日本 / Japan Adventure is worthwhile / Adventure is worthwhile
さとう ゆうじ (Sato Yuji) 日本 / Japan MONKEI 2023-1 / MONKEI 2023-1
Carol Hayman アメリカ / United States Night Lights
Hans van Reekum オランダ / Netherlands Portrait
Kirra Kimbrell アメリカ / United States notes
Susan Elizabeth de Witt カナダ / Canada A Tantra Song
Janne Sakari Laine フィンランド / Finland Time stood still II
Jaap de Raat オランダ / Netherlands Willow
Jaap de Raat オランダ / Netherlands Burned
Shui-Lyn White 南アフリカ / South Africa Superbe Revenant
森 久和 (Mori Hisakazu) 日本 / Japan 岩窟塔 カッパドキアの印象 / Cave Towers the impression of Cappadocia
中村 ちとせ (Nakamura Chitose) 日本 / Japan どっちが逆さま? / Whi is upside down?
タビーラブタナチョク ルジパート (Thaveelabtanachok Rujipart) オーストラリア / Australia フローズン / Frozen
Yael Kamah イスラエル / Israel The lights of us
千葉 真弓 (Chiba Mayumi) 日本 / Japan WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR  Ⅱ / WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR  Ⅱ
Florentia Oikonomidou ギリシャ / Greece Ariadne's thread
Robert Peter Anaka カナダ / Canada one
Mary Maroney Walker アメリカ / United States Angry Head
八嶋 孝幸 (Yashima Takayuki) 日本 / Japan 復興の花2023石巻市宮城 / Reconstruction Flowers 2023 Ishinomaki City Miyagi
Yuan Shuo Chang 台湾 / Taiwan Rabbit Samurai
塩田 裕二郎 (Shioda Yujiro) 日本 / Japan おもちゃ箱の風景 8 / Scenery of a toy box 8
Ariadna Abadal Lloret スペイン / Spain Shelter
黒澤 ののか (Kurosawa Nonoka) 日本 / Japan めざめ / awakening
SHUPIN LI 中国 / China Dark horse
Anne-Marie du Boucher フランス / France Le Furisode
下坂 静子 (Shimosaka Shizuko ) 日本 / Japan 思い出 / recollection
ミシマ サオリ (Mishima Saori) 日本 / Japan Happy birthday / Happy birthday
Katarzyna Budka ポーランド / Poland Don't play with me
阿部 雅光 (Abe Masateru) 日本 / Japan TWINS 23B-1 / TWINS 23B-1
鴫原 佳代 (Shigihara Kayo) 日本 / Japan やさしい目 / kind eyes
原 いづみ (Hara Izumi) 日本 / Japan とける青 / Melting blue
荒木 和子 (Araki 和子) 日本 / Japan 言葉 / words
Marcelle Benhamou フランス / France Day by day 1
鵜沼 豊 (Unuma Yutaka) 日本 / Japan 森林的曲線群I / forest like curve group I
野津 正昭 (Notsu Masaaki) 日本 / Japan 小さい秋みつけた
FERN‘ ROLLINGER ルクセンブルク / Luxembourg 240-323 C
Takuma Leo Shindo フランス / France Gazelle
清水 順子 (Shimizu Junko) 日本 / Japan Nice to meet you / Nice to meet you
志摩 利希 (shima toshiki) 日本 / Japan ゴハンまだ / Meal Time
Andrea Shaw オーストラリア / Australia Landscape
Aleksandra Budka ポーランド / Poland The Reality of Opposites
Aleksandra Budka ポーランド / Poland The Babel Island
Rong Hwa Guo 台湾 / Taiwan 相映
烏丸 京 (Karasuma Kyo) 日本 / Japan 白昼夢 白菊 Ⅱ / daydream white chrysanthemum
Reinhard ROSENAU ドイツ / Germany WALL PRINTING 1
岡 裕子 (OKa Hiroko) 日本 / Japan 美しい月
丹花 浩子 (Tanga Hiroko) 日本 / Japan 一日の始まり / Start of the day
丹花 浩子 (Tanga Hiroko) 日本 / Japan Have a good day! / Have a good day!
鈴木 晃 (SUZUKI AKIRA) 日本 / Japan Friends / Friends
包括 零央 (Houkatsu Reiou) 日本 / Japan イザカヤの娘 / Izakaya no musume
Johanna Franziska Roehr ドイツ / Germany Ping Pong
Indra Montserrat Fonseca Alfaro メキシコ / Mexico Window
八巻 昌代 (Yamaki Masayo) 日本 / Japan Take Five / Take Five
Anthony Reynolds アメリカ / United States Facing the Future
木下 好江 (Kinoshita Yoshie ) 日本 / Japan 過ぎゆく時
北澤 正和 (Kitazawa Masakazu) 日本 / Japan 共生
Lucy Elkivity イスラエル / Israel Jacaranda
Sarah Hopkins イギリス / U.K. Heirloom IV
Hassan Zahreddine レバノン / Lebanon no titel
平川 真里 (Hirakawa Mari) 日本 / Japan どんぶらこっこ / Donburakokko
和智 紀美子 (Wachi Kimiko) 日本 / Japan あの日の肖像(祖父) / a portrait of that day(grandfather)
清水 マコ (Shimizu Mako) 日本 / Japan 深呼吸 / Deep Breath
Łukasz Koniuszy ポーランド / Poland Sadowa 5
北原 雅代 (Kitahara Masayo) 日本 / Japan timeless / timeless
吉岡 美穂子 (ヨシオカ ミホコ) 日本 / Japan 六月のカラス / Crow in June
常見 丈二 (Tsunemi Jyoji) 日本 / Japan Early Summer
Ralph Mercer アメリカ / United States Abstract Nude
Ana Jovanovska 北マケドニア共和国 / Republic of North Macedonia Anew
守屋 志保美 (Moriya Shihomi) 日本 / Japan どんな時も / at any time
Thomas VanderMeulen アメリカ / United States Homage to Irving Penn - Retired Janitor
瀧本 潔 (Takimoto Kiyoshi) 日本 / Japan hungry or angry ? / hungry or angry ?
吉村 順一 (Yoshimura Junichi) 日本 / Japan 愉快なおしゃべり / Pleasant chat
Tizzi Fib フィンランド / Finland Breaking Free From Trauma Bond
伊藤 幸生 (Ito Yukio) 日本 / Japan Tears and Prayers (「涙と祈り」) / Tears and Prayers
SHIH-JUNG LO 台湾 / Taiwan Free fall
SHIH-JUNG LO 台湾 / Taiwan Fish in love
Yuji n/a Hiratsuka 日本 / Japan Dark Choco and Marshmallow Bears
Pablo Ramiro Caviedes エクアドル / Ecuador Metaphorfosis of Death #12
久保 直美 (Kubo Naomi) 日本 / Japan 21 Mar. 2023 / 21 Mar. 2023
福田 和国 (FUKUDA KAZUKUNI) 日本 / Japan 貝甲図 22 / Seashell 22
武藤 正悟 (Muto Shogo) 日本 / Japan twilight / twilight
Saul Darù イタリア / Italy The forest
丁 厚子 (cho atuko) 日本 / Japan Pandemic
VALDEZ SANDOVAL MARIANA メキシコ / Mexico Nostalgia
原 知恵子 (Hara Chieko) 日本 / Japan 猫とおんなと芥子の花 / cat,woman and peony
森山 佳代子 (Moriyama Kayoko) 日本 / Japan 時を旅する / Traveling through time
鈴木 知子 (Suzuki Tomoko ) 日本 / Japan ひとり 2023.6 / alone 2023.6
Kenal Katherine カナダ / Canada Liminal Self 1
Kenal Katherine カナダ / Canada Silent Rolling Fog
Salvador Vel zquez メキシコ / Mexico Xolotl
村田 拡樹 (Murata Hiroki) 日本 / Japan 赤と黒 / Red and Black
HALLISSON GONDIM CABRAL ブラジル / Brasil My tea's gone cold
安藤 菜穂子 (Ando Nahoko) 日本 / Japan pond / pond
sarah ann mitchell イギリス / U.K. End of the Road
Joanna Marie Taylor ニュージーランド / New Zealand Mt Taranaki
Inga Eicaite リトアニア / Lithuania Delay
Silvana Blasbalg アルゼンチン / Argentina Genesis in focus
馬渡 響子 (mawatari kyoko) 日本 / Japan ひかり / Rays
JOOYEON YOO 韓国 / Korea Backyard of Hangar
杉本 奈奈重 (Sugimoto Nanae) 日本 / Japan Untitled(glove)2023-6 / Untitled(glove)2023-6
杉本 奈奈重 (Sugimoto Nanae) 日本 / Japan Untitled 2023.7 / Untitled 2023.7
佐治 直魅 (Saji Naomi) 日本 / Japan 月のモナド / Luner Monad
四方田 貴子 (Yomoda Takako) 日本 / Japan あかりをつけて / Turn On The Light
本間 洋 (Honma Hiroshi) 日本 / Japan トウキョウオカテナガガニとタテナガヨコエビ(県指定天然記念物) / Tokyo long hand land club and portrait orientation gammarid amphipod(Prefecture designated natural monument)
倉羽 博之 (Kurava Hiroyuki) 日本 / Japan 鉄の鼓動が聞こえたなら / If you could hear the heartbeat of iron
福居 善之 (Fukui Yoshiyuki) 日本 / Japan reflection / reflection
岡本 潤 (Okamoto Megumi) 日本 / Japan move/paddle / move/paddle
鈴木 洋子 (SUZUKI YOKO) 日本 / Japan 沈黙ーh / silenceーh
則 千代子 (Nori Chiyoko) 日本 / Japan 村の伝達人
ボルハ プリンセス ジャイロ (Borja Princess Jailo) フィリピン / Philppines mind collage / mind collage
平野 淳子 (Hirano Junko) 日本 / Japan 自然信仰 - 変形菌 / nature faith - Myxomycetes
小川 淳子 (ogawa junko) 日本 / Japan 雨、やんでるって言いにきた。 / The rain has stopped
そめや まゆみ (Someya Mayumi) 日本 / Japan 世界はひっそりと浮遊する / The world floats quietly
髙橋 三十三 (TAKAHASHI Satomi) 日本 / Japan 音の泉 / feel music
Frances Valesco アメリカ / United States Climate Legacy #10
林 陽子 (Hayashi Yoko) 日本 / Japan 植物の唄 / botanical chant
平瀬 恵子 (Hirase Keiko) 日本 / Japan Ushio / Tide入選
津田 恵子 (Tsuda Keiko) 日本 / Japan 「ポプリポット」2 / 「Potpourri」2
高橋 未歩 (Takahashi Migo) 日本 / Japan In her room / In her room
Christiaan Diedericks 南アフリカ / South Africa On the back of my brother
Lee Wonsuk 韓国 / Korea Nature_Companion / Nature_Companion
阪本 幸円 (Sakamoto Koen) 日本 / Japan SNOW PRINT:NO.2021-1 / SNOW PRINT:NO.2021-1
鈴木 良治 (Suzuki Ryoji) 日本 / Japan 髭 / beardart
黒田 智恵 (Kuroda Chie) 日本 / Japan You got caught lying / You got caught lying
羽田 多栄子 (HANEDA TAEKO) 日本 / Japan Calling / Calling
今井 太朗 (Imai Taro) 日本 / Japan どんなおはなしよもうかな? / What story shall I read?
国川 えり子 (Kunikawa Eriko) 日本 / Japan 山の季節はダンスした / Dance in the mountain season
西山 瑠依 (Nishiyama Rui) 日本 / Japan 静寂を束ねる / enfolding silence
山下 かれん (Yamashita Karen) 日本 / Japan 眠らない森 / Never sleep forest
本田 将也 (Honda Masaya) 日本 / Japan しらべ / melody
岡田 育美 (Okada Ikumi) 日本 / Japan prayers / prayers
脇 威志 (Waki Takeshi) 日本 / Japan 茶話話 / SAWAWA
三宅 得司 (Miyake Tokuji) 日本 / Japan Luthier (バイオリンを製作する職人) / Luthier
佐藤 寧音 (Sato Nene) 日本 / Japan 釣り待ち / wating for fishing
宮崎 文子 (Miyazaki Fumiko) 日本 / Japan まえむき / front face
大畑 和平 (Ohata Kazuhei) 日本 / Japan ram B
石橋 佑一郎 (Ishibashi Yuichiro) 日本 / Japan slow down / slow down
山田 渓樹 (Yamada Keiju) 日本 / Japan Reflection / Reflection
淺野 明日香 (Asano Asuka) 日本 / Japan アルミ缶から卵 / Eggs fall out of aluminum cans